Clean & Safe

Internal Protocol

RIA FORMOSA BOAT TOURS possesses the “Clean and Safe” stamp and has created its internal protocol which guarantees hygienic and safety procedures meeting the terms and recommendations of both DGS (Portuguese Directorate-General for Health) and the Portuguese Tourism Board. We are therefore devoted to promoting our clients and cooperators safety as well as to promoting Portugal as a safe destination, contributing to reestablish the confidence of our clients and of those who visit Portugal.

The “Clean and Safe” stamp, created by the Portuguese Tourism Board, is intended to distinguish tourist activities which are compliant with hygienic requirements for the prevention and control of COVID-19 and also other possible infections.

This stamp is free and optional and valid for one year only. It requires the implementation of an internal protocol to ensure the necessary hygiene measures to avoid risk of contamination and to guarantee safe procedures of tourist activities. Portugal’s Tourism Board will, in coordination with the competent entities, carry out the necessary inspections of the establishments that joined the “Clean and Safe” initiative.

RIA FORMOSA BOAT TOURS “Clean and Safe” internal protocol