Terms & Conditions

The Organization and Code of Conduct

Vinondas 93, Lda. – Ria Formosa Boat Tours (RFBT), based in Faro at Rua Coronel António Santos Fonseca, Lote 7, 8º Esq. 8000-257, promotes the activities/experiences included in this website. Being committed to nature tourism in the Ria Formosa Natural Park and along the Algarve’s coastline, we expect from our visitors, whom we take to these protected areas, a conduct of respect for the cultural and environmental heritage, for the ways of life of the local people and the places visited. These protected areas have codes of conduct issued by the National Institute for the Conservation of Nature and Forests (ICNF), to which RFBT adheres, respects and shares with its customers, thus promoting the conservation of these protected areas. RFBT reserves the right to interrupt any activity, whenever any conflicts colliding with this philosophy and code of conduct are observed.


Reservations are only considered effective after full payment, within the established deadlines, of the total price of the tour.

Booking Methods: RFBT customers will be able to book their tour online, without having to contact agents or partners, or speaking directly to the Reservations Department (via phone or email). In any case, the conditions will be the same.

Failure to comply with the conditions expressed on this website will result in the cancellation of the pre-booking.

Boarding Voucher

After payment, the customer will receive an electronic communication confirmation. This document, printed or in digital format, works as a voucher and must be handed over/presented when registering attendance.

Minimum Number of Participants

The offers on this website, relating to individual ticket sales, are subject to a minimum number of four (4) adult participants. If the number of participants per trip is less than four adults, RFBT reserves the right to cancel the tour by returning to customers the sums already paid, without the right to any additional reimbursements.


The prices indicated on RFBT website are expressed in euros and valid until the moment of purchase. Prices shown at a time may be updated in the future, due to surcharges, or other external and unrelated charges to the company, however, they will never affect bookings that have already been completed.

Prices for Children

Children up to 4 years old and up to 12 years old have special prices, according to each tour or experience.

Promotional Campaigns, Offers and Discounts

RFBT reserves the right to carry out promotional campaigns for certain tours or experiences, at various times of the year, without prior notice. Customers can access these campaigns through our website, social networks, newsletters, or through agents and partners. All campaigns have a timeline, after which they will automatically be inactive.

Image Rights

The acquisition of RFBT services comprises the permission by the customer for the capturing and broadcasting of photography and video, obtained within the scope of the service purchased. If you do not authorize the use of photography and video with your image, you must so declare until the moment of registering attendance.

Loss of Assets

RFBT is not responsible for the loss of personal property on-board the vessels.

Boarding Conditions

Registering attendance and boarding will be denied to customers who present themselves with inappropriate or offensive clothing and/or under the influence of alcohol or drugs, with no rights to a refund.

Licenses and Insurances

RFBT has all mandatory insurances and is registered under the No. 214/2014 with the Portuguese Board of Tourism – Turismo de Portugal, I.P., and also being recognized with Nature Tourism activities.

Complaint Book

RFBT has a complaint and compliment book available on its website, reporting to ASAE – Autoridade de Segurança Alimentar e Económica, the National Economics and Food Health Authority.

Use of Vessels

RFBT reserves the right to replace any vessel to perform the services, namely in a situation of technical failure, with no additional payment or discount.

Not being the service provider and excluding situations of technical malfunction, our boats are equipped with Wi-Fi system. This facility is a courtesy of RFBT.

Location and Boarding Time

The place and time for boarding is defined by RFBT and is communicated on the booking confirmation document. Attendance registration starts 30 minutes before the activity/experience, at the previously defined location.

Timely stops, or any free time given during the activity/experience, occur with the duration determined by the vessel’s Captain. Each participant must comply with the indication as to the time and place of meeting to resume the activity/experience. RFBT reserves the right to cancel, without any notice, the participation of a customer who does not comply with the established schedule for resuming the activity/experience, with no right to the customer of receiving any reimbursements.

Cancellations and No Show

Cancellation by RFBT:

RFBT reserves the right to cancel the service for reasons that are not of its responsibility, namely: atmospheric conditions, natural disasters, reservation system failure, unexpected malfunction of vessels, accidents or any other reasons that may potentially jeopardize the safety or integrity of the participants, equipment and/or goods at stake. The customer will be fully refunded, with no right to any kind of compensation.

In the event of a circumstance that determines the cancellation of the service, RFBT will contact the customer as soon as possible using the means made available by the customer at the time of the booking.

Cancellation and No-Show by the Client:

Cancellations are accepted when notified by the client via email, within the stipulated deadlines, to RFBT electronic address – info@riaformosaboatours.com

The customer may cancel the service up to one week from service being due, and receive a full refund of the amount already paid.

For a cancellation up to 48 hours before the service being due, the customer will be refunded with 2/3 of the amount already paid.

For cancellations occurring less than 48 hours from service being due, the customer loses the amount already paid.

Once the activity/experience as started, there is no refund if, unanimously by the customers, is decided to interrupt the service.

In case of no show there is no refund.

Pets on-board

Pets are not allowed on boats. Only assistance and guide dogs are allowed on-board.

Smoking on-board

Smoking on-board is prohibited